Seven Jobs #sqlsat126

Today is SQL Saturday 126 in Indianapolis!

My topic today is Seven SQL Agent Jobs You Should be Running. My points is that there are a few things you should look out for that will cause performance problems and cause URLT events. Update Resume. Leave Town. 

For example, do you have any databases that aren’t getting backed up? Or are your transaction log backups failing? What about datafiles that can’t grow? Or what about…

This isn’t an all-encompassing list. Instead, it’s a framework for you to build your own alerts.

I do want to point out that having datafiles that can’t grow isn’t necessarily bad… unless you don’t know about that. If you have data files that can’t grow, eventually you’ll run out of space to put your data. That would be bad.

And for those of you looking for them, here are my demo scripts.

The slidedeck may not be a whole lot of help because it’s got a lot of story telling.

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  1. Soon they will start charging to all or any games (which will not suck). I mean COME OFF OF. I paid for the game and i must have fun with it, not go online have elected account, then pay $$$ enjoy game pay $$$ for some freakin server transfer. Then I get bored to your game and loose $$$.

  2. I thought that D3 looked a lot like the newer version of different Gauntlet. I was wrong… it looks a much more like the original quarter-eater. (#(


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